La Casa Felice

Design Research & Participatory Design

Agitu Idea Gudeta was a farmer, Sociologist and the founder of La Capra Felice. She bought an abandoned building right next to her cheese shop in Frassilongo. We ask the question: How could this space be revitalized and reused? How could it look like and how could it have a positive impact on the local community? Together with Agitu we imagined a new place of living and working in harmony with nature: The vision of La Casa Felice was born.

La Casa Felice is a space to experience mindful life in connection with nature. You can visit it, stay for some days or also work in the house. It is a place to re-gain knowledge, explore sustainable lifestyles and practically work with animals, plants and organic products in the natural landscape of Valle dei Mocheni.

The project includes the development and iniciation of a participatory workshop, a financing method based on the concept of Eco-Social Economics and a holistic concept for the space.

University Project
Free University of Bolzano, Master Eco Social Design
Project Partner
Agitu Idea Gudeta, La Capra Felice.
Who will inspire me for the rest of my life. May her soul find rest.
In Collaboration with
Angelica Cianflone, Leonie Bahl
Participatory Design, design research, agriculture, visual identity, illustration, screendesign